About us

    AS Taritvo was founded in 1992 in Saarde County, Parnumaa. At the beginning, the main activity of the company was lumber production, and in 1997 AS Taritvo started furniture production, which were exported to various European markets. In 2014, in parallel with furniture manufacturing, we started the production of wooden decorative products, which in 2007 became the main activity for the company. Early 2015 AS Taritvo acquired a manufacturing company Preab AS, located in Savi 32 Pärnu, which then became a subsidiary for AS Taritvo and in 2016 both production units were merged under Preab AS, which continues to produce wooden decorative products.

    Since autumn 2019 we represent ONIAR branded forest trailers and forklifts. We have long- term experience in forestry and forest technology, and in cooperation with the ONIAR factory, we provide you with the best solutions for everyday work, including a variety of spare parts, after- sales service and a 2- year factory warranty.

    In 2018 AS Taritvo and Preab AS invested in Uulu Industrial Park, acquiring 100% of it.

    In 2017 we started selling tractors. The company sells new and used tractors, in good technical condition, which are mainly 3 years old and have less than 1000 working hours.  The tractors we offer have been serviced and most come with a 1-year valid warranty.

    In 2011 we started our cooperation with ERT factory, representing and selling ERT trailers together with our partners in Finland and Baltic countries. Together with ERT factory we have developed a variety of solutions and extras, providing the customers with 10 to 26 tons trailers, which have been specially designed for gravel-, grain-, and hay transportation.

By prior arrangement you can visit Uulu Industrial Park to see ERT trailers, tractors and ONIAR forest technology.

Hannu Törmälehto  +372 50 33 012

Our mission is to be a reliable partner to all of our current and future customers, providing comfortable and modern quality and products.