About us

AS Taritvo was founded in Saarde Council , Parnumaa in 1992. In the beginning the main activity of the company was lumber production, and in 1997 AS Taritvo started the production of furniture, which was exported to Germany, the Netherlands and Swiss markets.

From the autumn of 2019, we represent ONIAR brand forest trucks and forest trailers. We have long experience in forestry
and forestry technology, and together with the Oniar factory, we can provide the exact solution for a smooth operation.
The factory warranty, spare parts and after-sales service are essential to our day-to-day operations and we always them with our sold machines.

2018 Taritvo AS and Preab As invested in Uulu techno park by acquiring 100% of the enterprise (www.uulu.ee).

In 2017 we begun with VALTRA tractors sales. We sell little used and well maintained Valtra tractors, most of which are machines
under 3 years old and worked only up to 1000h. We keep our tractors for sale indoors and you can always get a serviced machine that in most cases come with a warranty of up to 12 months.

By May 2016, PREAB AS has two production units for decorative products, one located in Pärnu Savi 32 and the other in Saarde council Tankla tee 10. Today PREAB AS employs around 120 people. AS Taritvo is directly involved in manufacturing process of decorative products via PREAB AS.

After the amalgamation of production sites to PREAB AS in 2016, this allowed AS Taritvo to focus its core business on Real Estate which has been an active part of the business since 2012.

Early 2015, the Company acquired majority shares for PREAB AS, which then became a subsidiary for AS Taritvo.

In 2004, in parallel with the wood furniture manufacturing, we started the production of decorative products, which in 2007 became the main activity of AS Taritvo.

Mission – To be trustworthy partner to all of our current and future clients, providing comfortable and modern quality services and products.

Vision – Creating value that stays.