Leo Village residential area 3rd stage

Leo village residential is located in the beautiful residential area of Audru, which is approx. 6 km from Pärnu. Leo Village residential offers for families excellent local amenities, with good kindergarten and schools in Audru and reliable and regular bus connection to Pärnu- with approx. 30 departures per day.


Leo Village also offers a number of local leisure activities, such as The Whitebeach beach front and Adventure Park (3,5 km), The Whitebeach golf club with restaurant (4 km) and Audru sports hall, a stadium and the race circuit. The Village has an active residents association which organizes a variety of events.

Access to the village is made simple via the Parnu to Audru link road

Leo Village will be built in 3 construction phases:
• Phase one has already been built and there are 50 families currently living in the Lion village.
• Phase two is under construction, of which aprox. 1500 m2 of plots have been sold with the ‘’Ready to move in’’ package as an option.
• In 2018, AS Taritvo plans to start to develop phase three and will include 26 residential homes with the addition of a children’s playground.

The following connections are available with all lots:
• Water and sewage – AS PÄrnu Vesi service
• Electricity (16A) – a network service provider- Elektrilevi AS
• Telecommunications – Telia Eesti AS
• Street lights
• Paved roads